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The Koi Clinic are on call to ensure that your pond and fish are in the very best condition. Water tests, Parasite identification, Wound treatment, Water treatments, Filtration advice, Nutritional advice and pond maintenance protocols are all offered as a part of our service

Fish Health Consulting

Fish disease is generally associated with poor water quality, which makes your fish susceptible to bacteria and parasites that are naturally found in water.

If your koi are abnormally lethargic, sitting on the bottom, gasping at the surface, segregating themselves from the rest of the fish or have their fins clenched to their bodies, these may be signs of illness.

By identifying such signs and acting on them swiftly, you can avoid disasters. When left untreated, it could lead to significant and catastrophic outbreaks of koi parasites, ulcers, fungus or other bacterial infections .

As part of our fish health consulting, our pond health consultants will:

  • Discuss the situation with you to identify the possible cause
  • Carry out pond water testing using the latest technology to look for the cause and provide solutions.
  • Carry out skin scrapes on at least four fish from your pond and check for parasites.
  • Recommend medications and advise on how to maintain the health of your pond water at an optimal level.
  • Advise on any necessary filtration improvements.
  • On site training and telephone support to help you look after your koi

Full Pond & Fish Diagnosis

  • Comprehensive Water Testing using the latest digital technology
  • pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Total Alkalinity (kh), Phosphates, Total Chlorine, Copper, Oxygen, TDS, Salinity, Temperature
  • Koi well-being inspections.
  • Wound, ulcer, fungus, fin rot, abrasions treatment
  • Parasite identification and treatment
  • Bacterial identification
  • Advice on maintaining a healthy pond
  • Pond filtration advice
  • Nutritional advice