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About Us

The Koi Clinic is a Koi fish & pond health consultancy, based in the North East, with the focus being solely on the well being of your fish. We have 18 years experience in all aspects of fish health, visiting many ponds across the UK, and the business has been created to meet the demands of the hobbyist.

We too are koi keepers and we understand the bond and joy that we get from our Living Jewels and our aim is to help hobbyists enjoy stress free koi keeping.

All equipment is sterilised before any visit.

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Our Services

We cover Tyne & Wear, Co. Durham, Teesside, Yorkshire and Cumbria. Visits outside of these areas can be arranged, please call for details..

Comprehensive Water Analysis

We carry out comprehensive water testing using the latest digital technology, including pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Alkalinity, Hardness

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Nutritional Advice

The importance of the correct nutrition cannot be stressed highly enough, and we will advise you on the best feeding plan for your koi. We have been guest speaker at many Koi Clubs over the years, with the focus being...

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Koi Well Being

We will check visually and, if necessary, manually, all of your koi to ensure that they are all in good condition.

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Wound, Ulcer, & More

It is vitally important that all knocks , wounds and ulcers are treated quickly and effectively to prevent them spreading

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Parasite Identification

Parasites are the main cause of fish fatalities, and prompt identification and treatment is paramount.

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Bacterial Identification

If we suspect a bacterial issue, we will take a swab from the koi and send it off to be analysed.

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The Koi Clinic -The North Easts’ Leading Pond Health Consultancy

Welcome to The Koi Clinic, the North Easts’ trusted Koi health specialists. We are a Koi fish and pond health consultancy based in the North East and provide pond visits and consultations to help keep your fish in the best condition. With over 18 years of experience in all areas of fish health, we can help you achieve the water quality necessary for a healthy pond.

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How We Work

Koi Pond Water Health Specialists in North East


As the saying goes “you don’t keep koi, you keep water”; so if the water parameters of your koi pond aren’t right, your fish are likely to have health issues. Specialists from The Koi Clinic will analyse your water using the latest digital technology and take the necessary measures to achieve optimal water quality.


Poor filtration is probably the major cause of health issues, we can advise on the correct filtration for your pond.


We will visit your pond, take mucus samples to check the fish for parasites and identify the cause of any health issues in the pond. Parasites are a major cause of fish deaths, identifying them early is crucial.


If you are worried about the health of your koi, concerned about parasites or ulcers, wondering whether you have introduced a sick fish to your pond, or are looking to improve your water quality and/or clarity, then get in touch with The Koi Clinic today.

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We Provide the Complete Range of Koi Health Services

We offer a wealth of experience in disease diagnostics, as well as treatments for both hobbyists and commercial environments. In addition to health consultancy, we also offer services in pond filtration advice, nutrition advice and more.

Keep your koi and pond healthy – call The Koi Clinic for pond consultations!

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