Mark, Keighley

My water looked pristine and was testing good, but some of my most established Koi were sitting on the bottom with clamped fins.
After a couple of weeks of this I had no idea what to do.
I called Dean who fit me in really quickly, he was pondside in the baking sun for hours doing a full suite of water tests, catching fish to visibly inspect as well scraping.
After a very thorough inspecting of the scrapes he spotted both Costia & Chilodinella.

He helped me buy the right treatment online there & then, and even knew where to find it cheaper than amazon. A couple of weeks later & my fish are back in good condition.

The comprehensive report that followed by email also included lots of helpful tips like where to get the best value bicarb etc.

I am so grateful to Dean, he undoubtedly saved the lives of some of my most meaningful Koi.
You will not regret booking him, incredible knowledge & value for money.