Danny, Lincoln

I can’t recommend dean and the koi clinic enough! Such a great knowledge of koi care and problem solving, I’m new to owning koi and had a few problems with my pond and a couple of koi showing marks, and knew there was something wrong, I gave dean a ring and he came out after travelling a long distance to get to us! Spent 3 hours thoroughly checking our water levels and showing us step by step how to scrape and treat the koi with the marks, and what to do to keep getting them better and also helped us find the problem! (Even carried on regardless of the horrible weather). We also received an in depth email listing everything he advises to get to help us keep our koi at the top of their health!
All I can say is thank you dean for all your help! Worth every single penny, I can’t recommend you enough will be definitely contacting you if future problems arise.